2 projects from the InnovaXN call involving the LSFC got selected!

31 juillet 2020 par Julien Schmitt
31/07/2020: Julien Schmitt and Helena Kaper obtained two Marie-Curie PhD grants via the InnovaXN call, in collaboration with the ESRF and/or the ILL.

The first project, called “Activation of small molecules on perovskites- correlation between dopants, structural defects and reactivity”, is a collaboration between Pieter Glatzel (ESRF), Stanislav Savinn (ILL) and Helena Kaper.

The second project nammed “Polyoxometalates-rich micelles: templating agents for functionalised mesoporous materials” and led by Julien Schmitt, involves Corine Gérardin (ICGM) and Ralf Schweins (ILL).

Both projects are industrial collaborations with Caroline Tardivat for Saint-Gobain Research Provence.

The InnovaXN program finances Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD grants for projects made in collaboration with industrial partners and that rely heavily on X-rays or neutrons studies. Both PhDs are assumed to start in September 2021 and will be based at the ESRF or the ILL, with secondments at the LSFC and at the other partners.

InnovaXN program: https://www.innovaxn.eu/

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