Alima Nzie joins the Lab!

01 décembre 2021 par Julien Schmitt
01/12/2021: Alima started a postdoctoral fellowship on December 1st between CEMHTI and SGR Provence within the framework of the CANOPEE joint laboratory. Welcome!

The main objective of Alima’s work will be to design and characterize metamaterials which exhibit a strong, selective and tunable thermal emissivity and which are resistant to high temperatures. From an application standpoint, such emitters should prove useful for improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes operating at high temperature and which involve transfers by infrared radiation. They should also remove one of the main obstacles to the efficient conversion of heat into electricity in thermophotovoltaic systems.

This postdoctoral fellowship funded by France Relance will take place between CEMHTI (Orléans) and SGR Provence under the supervision of Olivier Rozenbaum and Quentin Flamant.

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