Arrival of Swapneel Thakkar to the LSFC!

31 mars 2022 par Julien Schmitt
31/03/2022: Swapneel started a postdoctoral fellowship between ILM, LSFC and SGR Provence for an 18th-months project. Welcome!

Swapneel’s work is focused on the formation of composite textured materials via ice-templating methodology. Notably he will study the design of model anisotropic particles and the physical mechanisms at play during freezing that allows particles orientation. The materials synthesised can have applications as light-weight, high-performance or catalytically-active ceramics.

This postdoctoral fellowship is funded by France Relance and will take place between ILM (Lyon) and LSFC/SGR Provence under the supervision of Sylvain Deville and Julien Schmitt.

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