Matheus Figueiredo Dorneles joins the LSFC!

15 janvier 2021 par Julien Schmitt
Matheus joins the LSFC for a PhD in collbaoration with the ILM on the synthesis of metal-oxide particles and their use to form artificial nacre. Welcome!

In order to optimise the properties of composite materials, control of the structure at the microscopic length scale is crucial. One famous example remains nacre, which benefits from its “brick-and-mortar” structure, strongly enhancing its mechanical properties. The aim of this PhD is the design of novel anisotropic metal-oxide bricks, specifically zirconia, and their use to form artificial nacres.

The PhD will be carried out at SGR Provence (LSFC) and the ILM under the supervision of Julien Schmitt and Sylvain Deville. It is funded by Saint-Gobain Recherche Provence.


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