The Descartes project received an ANR grant!

02 novembre 2020 par Julien Schmitt
This project, led by Helena Kaper for the LSFC, involves Nadia Frederich for Saint-Gobain Research Provence and Werner Paulus at the Institut Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier. It is entitled: "Impact of micro- and defect structure on the catalytic performance of alternative support materials", has a 42 months duration will finance a PhD-student at the ICGM and an 18-months Postdoc at the LSFC.

Abstract of the project:

This project dedicated to fundamental research studies the impact of microstructure and defects of non-stoichiometric support materials on the catalytic performance. In particular, top-down synthesis methods (electric arc fusion + milling) and bottom-up approaches (Pechini method, sol-gel methods) will be used to prepare materials of the (Sr,Ca)(Ti,Fe)O3-x. family. Defects are created during the synthesis (milling, organic additives, doping). Besides the low surface area (< 10 m2/g), room temperature catalytic activity can be observed for Pt-impregnated supports, comparably to standard support such as ceria. Here, we want to elucidate the role of the support using detailed structural characterization involving large scale facilities and oxygen isotope exchange reactions. This interdisciplinary project bridges the gap between analytical catalytic methods and materials properties, leading to new paradigm in the application of these materials.

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