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Bienvenue sur le site du Laboratoire de Synthèse et Fonctionnalisation des Céramiques, unité mixte de recherche entre le CNRS et Saint-Gobain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the website of the Ceramic Synthesis and Functionalisation Laboratory, mixt unit between the CNRS and Saint-Gobain.

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The Descartes project received an ANR grant!

This project, led by Helena Kaper for the LSFC, involves Nadia Frederich for Saint-Gobain Research Provence and Werner Paulus at the Institut Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier. It is entitled: "Impact of micro- and defect structure on the catalytic performance of alternative support materials", has a 42 months duration will finance a PhD-student at the ICGM and an 18-months Postdoc at the LSFC.

PhD defense of Thai Giang Truong

"Zane" defended her PhD thesis entitled "Synthesis and catalytic properties of oxides layers with perovskite-like structures infiltrated with silver" on July 21 at IRCELYON. Bravo!