6 months

Internship – Development of a selective thermal emitter based on a ceramic metamaterial

Master 2 Internship at the LSFC with a preferred starting date of the 01/03/2021
Contact: Quentin.Flamant@saint-gobain.com

The “metamaterial” concept has expanded rapidly over the past decade. It was first applied in electromagnetism and optics, where structuring the matter at a scale smaller than the wavelength allows controlling light in unusual ways. For several industrial applications (furnaces, solar concentrators, photovoltaics…), the control of optical and radiative properties is paramount to improve energy efficiency. Nevertheless most existing metamaterials cannot operate at high temperature. There is thus a strong interest in developing ceramic metamaterials.
The goal of this internship will be to design, fabricate and characterize a selective thermal emitter. The main missions of the intern will be the following:
– Develop and optimize the fabrication process
– Characterize the metamaterial properties both at room and at high temperature
– Compare the experimental data to theoretical predictions of an existing Python code, improve the code if required

Quentin Flamant - Contacter
Laboratoire de Synthèse et Fonctionnalisation des Céramiques
Saint Gobain Research Provence

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