6 months

Internship – Formation of novel polyion complex micelles loaded with polyoxometalates: synthesis and characterisation

Master 2 Internship at the ICGM (Montpellier) and in collaboration with the ILL (Grenoble) with a preferred starting date of the 01/02/2021
Contact: Julien.Schmitt@saint-gobain.com

This project is a collaboration between the LSFC (SGR Provence), the ILL in Grenoble and the ICGM in Montpellier, and precedes a PhD expected to start in September 2021 (PhD grant awarded by the InnovaXN programme – https://www.innovaxn.eu/). The aim of the overall project is the synthesis, characterisation and application study of mesostructured materials loaded with polyoxometalates (POMs, metal-anionic nanoclusters with promising catalytic or optical properties). These materials can find applications as UV-absorbers for glass-coating or (photo-)catalytic applications. The formation of these materials requires a necessary first step: the synthesis of the so-called “PolyIon Complex micelles” rich in POMs.
The intern will have for mission to prepare and characterise the new POM-polymer complexes, first by synthesising a double-hydrophilic block copolymers (DHBC) via radical polymerisation procedures before grafting the POMs onto one of the blocks. As the POMs are negatively charged, he/she will investigate the formation of electrostatic complex micelles in solution by mixing the anionic DHBC with a positively-charged complexing agent. He/She will investigate the effect of the amount and the type of POMs grafted onto the micelles properties (CMC, micelle size and shape etc).
Characterisation techniques will include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), chromatography, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), dynamic light scattering (DLS), small-angle neutron/x-ray scattering (SANS/SAXS).

The internship will be hosted primarly at the Institut Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier, with part of the internship at the LSFC.

Julien Schmitt - Contacter
Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier
UMR 5253 Université de Montpellier/CNRS
website: https://www.icgm.fr/

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