6 months

Internship – Grafting on alumina surface, spectroscopical characterization of the molecular bond

Master 2 Internship at the LRS with a preferred starting date of the 01/03/2021
Contact : Michaela.Klotz@saint-gobain.com

In a large number of industrial processes, interfaces play a critical role for the performances of the produced products. This internship focuses on ceramic-polymer interfaces, and means to improve the adhesion inbetween. This is classicaly made by use of coupling agents reacting with surface hydroxyls of the ceramic. Building on previous work to characterize surface hydroxy groups on low specific surface area alumina, the objective of this internship is to develop a methodology to evidence and quantify the molecular bond between the ceramic surface and the grafted molecule. NMR will be used. Evidencing this link on low specific surface powders is particularly challenging and a specific methodology needs to be developped to differenciate grafting from side reactions than can occur between the molecules used as coupling agent. In a second step, the developped protocol will be applied to commercial products.

The internship will be hosted by the Laboratoire de Réactivité des Surfaces, at Sorbonne University, in close relationship with SGR Provence.

Michaela Klotz - Contacter
Laboratoire de Réactivité des Surfaces
UMR 7197 Sorbonne Université-CNRS
website: http://www.lrs.upmc.fr/

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