6 months

Internship – Synthesis of metal-oxide submicrometric sheets via thermic denitration

Master 2 Internship at the LSFC with a preferred starting date of the 01/02/2021
Contact: Julien.Schmitt@saint-gobain.com / Helena.Kaper@saint-gobain.com

The control of the morphology of metal-oxide particles is of crucial importance for many applications, such as catalysis (by tailoring the surface area of the particles) or composite formation (in order to control the microstructure). Obtaining platelet-like morphologies for many metal-oxide, for example zirconia, via thermal synthesis is still a challenge.
In this internship, the student will study a novel promising synthesis pathway to form submicrometric sheets of metal oxides by thermic denitration in the presence of organic additives. We are primarily interested in zirconia and perovskite type materials for the aforementioned applications. The effect of the nature of the cations used as metallic precursor, the presence of different types of cations and the concentration of both cations and organic compounds onto the morphology of the particles, notably their thickness and surface area, will be investigated.
Characterisation of the xerogels and the submicrometric sheets will be done using notably scanning electron microscopy (SEM), x-ray diffraction (XRD), nitrogen-sorption, and catalytic testing for depollution.

Julien Schmitt - Contacter
Laboratoire de Synthèse et Fonctionnalisation des Céramiques
Saint Gobain Research Provence

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