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Thesis defense of Hassan Saad

Hassan Saad defended his PhD entitled "Processing, microstructural and mechanical characterization of nacre-like alumina" on January 26th. Congratulations!

Ph.D defense of Kévin Guy

Kévin defended his thesis entitled "Synthesis of molybdenum nitrides and carbides from cluster compounds: application in heterogeneous catalysis" on Novembre 27th in Rennes. Congratulations! 

The Descartes project received an ANR grant!

This project, led by Helena Kaper for the LSFC, involves Nadia Frederich for Saint-Gobain Research Provence and Werner Paulus at the Institut Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier. It is entitled: "Impact of micro- and defect structure on the catalytic performance of alternative support materials", has a 42 months duration will finance a PhD-student at the ICGM and an 18-months Postdoc at the LSFC.
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